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October 1, 2018

Categories: Coating Solutions, Corrosion control, News, rust inhibitor, rust prevention

Tags: rust inhibitor

Rust Inhibitors protect parts in storage or transit. Iron rusts quickly when exposed to air and humidity but it can be prevented. Benefits of rust inhibitors: Reduce parts inventory. Maintain dry, clean parts ready for assembly. Reduce complaints and charges-back due to rust stained parts and equipment TYPES OF RUST INHIBITORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Wax… Read More

Oil-based versus Water-based Paints

September 1, 2018

Categories: Coating Solutions, News, Paint Knowledge

The distinction between oil-based versus water-based paints was established when latex house paints were introduced in the 60’s. Until that time, architectural and industrial paints and equipment could not be thinned or cleaned up with water, but instead required a solvent-based thinner. Most of these thinners are derived from petroleum products and the paints that… Read More

Painting Forklifts

August 1, 2018

Categories: Coating Solutions, Equipment Paint, News

Tags: Catepillar, Clark, forklift, Hyster, lift truck, Yale

Painting forklifts isn’t the same as repainting Mercedes-Benzes, but you couldn’t tell it from the cost of the aftermarket paint sold by the manufacturer. We all expect to pay a premium for “genuine” parts but there are several reasons to question whether that value carries over to forklift paint. Forklift paint needs to: Match the… Read More


November 21, 2014

Categories: Coating Solutions, News, Paint Audit, Paint Knowledge

It is easy to predict the thickness of paint after it dries. All that is required is that you know the “percentage of volume-solids” of the paint and that you have a “wet-film-thickness gauge”. The paint's volume-solids (not to be confused with “weight-solids”) is listed on the Product Data Sheet, which can be found on the… Read More

Understanding Paint Volume Solids

September 29, 2014

Categories: News, Paint Knowledge

Understanding paint volume solids provides many benefits: It allows you to compare the true cost of different paints. It allows you to predict how much paint must be applied to obtain adequate coverage. It allows you to control the quality of the paint job. It allows you to avoid production delays because thick layers of… Read More

When solvent cleaning creates hazardous waste?

September 7, 2014

Categories: Hazardous waste, News

In case you haven’t heard, the U.S. EPA finalized a new rule in 2013 that relaxed the conditions that determine when solvent cleaning creates hazardous waste. The new rule is in response to research that determined that the costs of compliance exceeded the risks associated with most solvent cleaning. Under the 2013 rule, reusable wipes… Read More

Paint Audits Prevent Problems

July 11, 2014

Categories: News, Paint Audit, Paint Problem, Uncategorized

A quick paint audit can keep you from getting caught by the cold. Each fall we get numerous calls asking, “Have you changed the paint?” The caller often explains that the paint isn’t drying it like it use to. We are always happy to check our batch samples to be sure that nothing had accidentally… Read More

How To Dry Paint Fast

June 30, 2014

Categories: Coating Solutions, Infrared cure, News, Paint Problem

Our customer’s often ask, “How can I dry paint faster?”, but what they really want to know is: How fast can I handle the part? How fast can I package the product? How fast can I ship the product? Handling, packaging and shipping products with paint that is not fully dry and cured can lead… Read More

Infrared ovens force-cure industrial coatings

June 22, 2014

Categories: Coating Solutions, Infrared cure, News, Paint Problem

I’ve previously commented that uncured paint often delays shipments or results in complaints when customers unpack their products and discover damage. Fortunately, infrared ovens can force-cure coatings and eliminate these delays and complaints. Predicting delays or complaints can be as difficult as predicting the weather, which in fact has a lot to do with the… Read More

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