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Paint Knowledge

Oil-based versus Water-based Paints

September 1, 2018

Categories: Coating Solutions, News, Paint Knowledge

The distinction between oil-based versus water-based paints was established when latex house paints were introduced in the 60’s. Until that time, architectural and industrial paints and equipment could not be thinned or cleaned up with water, but instead required a solvent-based thinner. Most of these thinners are derived from petroleum products and the paints that… Read More


November 21, 2014

Categories: Coating Solutions, News, Paint Audit, Paint Knowledge

It is easy to predict the thickness of paint after it dries. All that is required is that you know the “percentage of volume-solids” of the paint and that you have a “wet-film-thickness gauge”. The paint's volume-solids (not to be confused with “weight-solids”) is listed on the Product Data Sheet, which can be found on the… Read More

Understanding Paint Volume Solids

September 29, 2014

Categories: News, Paint Knowledge

Understanding paint volume solids provides many benefits: It allows you to compare the true cost of different paints. It allows you to predict how much paint must be applied to obtain adequate coverage. It allows you to control the quality of the paint job. It allows you to avoid production delays because thick layers of… Read More