314 Product Line

Water Based, Low VOC

The 314™ Water Based Coatings decorate tempered and annealed glass for interior architectural installations.The line includes primers, clearcoats, colorcoats, and backcoats available in stock and custom colors.

For use with wall panels, countertops, white boards, showcases, partitions, and more.

Each coating shares the following properties:

  • Waterbased, nonflammable, and low VOC (< 100 g/l)
  • Develop early adhesion to glass
  • Dry quickly for swift handling and processing
  • Primed for integration with digital printing
  • Can be force cured at moderate temperatures
  • Can be chemically crosslinked to increase early moisture resistance

Custom Colors
Custom colors are created utilizing a complete palette of intermix Bases and Carbit’s color database. Custom colors are matched by Carbit, or can made by the end user with purchase of Carbit’s intermix Color Mixing System and Training.