Glass Coating Process

Custom Colors
314™ coatings should be applied when the ambient air and subtrate temperature is between 60° F (15° C) and 90° F (32° C) and the relative humidity(RH) < 85%. Good air movement is essential when RH>50% to help the coating dry properly.

Surface Conditions
It is generally recommended to paint the non-tin side of float glass. Clean the surface with a glass cleaner followed by isoproply alcohol.

314™ coatings can be applied by a variety of methods. The best method depends on the individual application and process requirements. Consult Carbit for recommendations for specific requirements.

Some successful test applications have used a pressure tank and a Binks 2100 conventional siphon gun with a 66SS (1.80 mm) fluid nozzle and 66SD air cap. (Binks parts: Fluid nozzle – 45-6601, needle 47-56500) Initial air and fluid pressures were 40 lbs atomizing air and 20 lbs fluid pressure.

Thinning is usually not necessary but if required use clean, potable water. Overthinning will result in runs, sags and loss of opacity.

Dry Times
314™ coatings are waterbased and dry by evaporation of the water. The drying rate is influenced by the coating thickness, temperature, relative humidity and air movement. Good air movement is essential when the relative humidity (RH) is >50% to help the coating dry properly.

Note: A coating may be dry enough to handle or recoat, but still lack key physical properties. Force curing and crosslinking significantly shorten the time required to reach total performance.

Cure Times
Curing occurs when a liquid coating changes from a liquid to a solid and develops specific physical properties. Examples include adhesion, hardness, moisture resistance ,and chemical resistance.

Although the rate of cure is affected by the paint chemistry, application thickness, air movement, and relative humidity, the most important factors are time and temperature.

Clean Up
314™ Coatings dry very quickly. Clean equipment and spills with water followed by isoproply alcohol as needed to remove residue.

CAUTION! Do not take internally. Close container after each use. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Consult product MSDS for additional warnings and precautions.