Glass Coating Systems

Second Surface (Back-Painted) Glass

The color coat to be viewed is applied first to the backside (second surface) of the glass. Depending on color, a second coat may be applied for more opacity. The backcoat is applied last and provides a protective layer for the colorcoat to shield it from the adhesives and glues that bond the glass to its mounting surface.

Second Surface Color Coated Glass with Special Effects

A special effect clear or transluscent coating may be applied first to the backside of the glass before the color coat is applied. These coatings contain pigments whose particles transmit varied light reflective properties through the glass to achieve a special effect with the color coat. Examples are sparkle, pearlescence, and metallic flake.

First Surface Clear Coat for Textured Glass

Textured or frosted glass can be coated on the front side (first surface) with a high-gloss or low-gloss clear to protect it from handling and to provide a more cleanable surface.