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Metal Paint Chicago

Do you need a partner who can assist you with exactly what you need for Metal Paint?  Chicago clients appreciate knowing that the team at Carbit can help them with all their needs for Metal Paint.

Chicago clients are happy to know that years Carbit is a family owned third generation Chicago manufacturer with 85 years of service and terrific expertise in Metal Paint for various types of substrates.

Our experienced team is not the only reason people trust Carbit.  We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering to manufacture paint batches that can be as small as 25 gallons of factory made custom coatings.

Some of our competitors make smaller batches by adding liquid colorants to bases, but these paints provide poorer coverage and may end up costing more per gallon.  At Carbit, we use dry pigments and mix them in to provide the best coverage and the lowest cost.

We’re able to manufacture smaller batches with lower prices and shorter lead times, as well as giving you high quality paint that will take less time to apply – reducing labor costs.

Carbit enables you to complete projects more effectively, more quickly and less expensively.

There’s only one company you need to call if you have a project that involves Metal Paint.  Chicago clients should contact our team at Carbit today at (312) 280-2300 to discover how we can serve you.