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The 9 Steps for Good Spray Booth Maintenance

Step 1. Carbicote strippables when soiled peel easily in large sheets from all spray booth surfaces.

Step 2. Strip 947 Floor Strippable from spray booth floor. Carbicote strippables waste is rolled into a tight ball and discarded at less disposal cost than bulkier floor paper.

Step 3. Clean contaminants from walls, lights, and floors. Apply prep coats if necessary.

Step 4. Spray Carbicote 942 Bright White Strippable on walls with airless, HVLP or conventional spray. 942 dries fast and provides outstanding coverage.

Step 5. Spray Carbicote 942 Bright White to completely cover booth ceiling, lights and windows. No masking required.

Step 6. Score around windows and lights. Peel away white strippable from glass surfaces.

Step 7. Spray 945 Crystal Clear on lights and windows. 945 is milky when wet but dries clear over white. No masking required.

Step 8. Airless spray floor with 947 Floor Strippable. 947 provides seamless protection in minutes that floor paper cannot match in durability or labor savings.

Step 9. Your spray booth is clean, bright, and ready to use.

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