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Come join Carbit, as we start a new era in our company’s history. We are looking for bright, dedicated people to come join our team, as we look to expand and grow our company.  We offer the opportunity to work on a variety of projects all at once, giving you the opportunity to use and strengthen a wide variety of skills. We are located just west of 25th Avenue between Rt 20 Lake St. and Rt 64 North Avenue, in near west Melrose Park. So apply to join our team as we expand and take our company to new heights. We are always looking for talented people!

Core Values

  • Honest, Sincere, and Discrete
  • Does the Right Thing in Difficult Circumstances
  • Conscientious/Dependable
  • Wants the Team to Win
  • Positive/Enthusiastic
  • Wants to be of Service
  • Self-Motivated to Learn