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Why Use Strippable Coatings?

Remove paint overspray before it:

  • Creates fire hazards
  • Increases rejects
  • Reduces visibility

When parts are spray painted in a spray booth, the paint forms a spray mist of small particles. Not all of these particles contact the part and the remainder, in the form of “overspray” land on the booth walls, lights and floor.

This accumulation of overspray is hazardous because wet paint underneath the dry surface if left untreated, can create a flammability hazard – spontaneous combustion.

Overspray accumulations contain dust and dirt and are circulated by booth exhaust fans. They create an inhalation hazard for unprotected workers and contaminate parts.

Temporary strippable coatings protect spray booth surfaces from overspray, increase illumination, and improve worker morale.

They are periodically peeled or “stripped” when soiled during regularly scheduled booth maintenance and new strippable coatings are then reapplied.

Carbicote Spray Booth Coatings
SDS PDS Prod. Code Carbicote Description Type Key Feature1 Adj. cov. Ft2 / Gal Spray Loss2 Total Mils DFT3
SDS PDS 942 Bright White High Solids Strippable Water Base Best Coverage & Peel 100 30% 5
SDS PDS 946 Bright White Solvent Strippable Solvent Base Fastest Dry 45 30% 5
SDS PDS 948 Bright White Super Peel Strippable Water Base Strong Peel 77 30% 5
SDS PDS 949 Bright White Strippable Water Base Good Value 85 30% 5
SDS PDS 945 Clear Strippable {For Powder Coated and Stainless Booths} Water Base Strippability 20 30% 10
SDS PDS 920 Prep Coat Water Base Wall Prep See PDS
SDS PDS 947 White Floor Strippable Solvent Base Floor Peel 25 15% 10
SDS PDS 951 Prep Coat Floor Coating Water Base Floor Prep 250 15% 1
SDS PDS 945 Crystal Clear Strippable Coating Water Base Crystal Clear 74 30% 4
1) Key Feature – Match with surface and condition shown on COATING SELECTOR.
2) Spray Loss – Based on airless spray and two criss-crossed coats.
3) DFT – Minimum Dry Film Thickness to achieve good strippability.

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