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Building Relationships since 1925


The Westerman family has owned and managed Carbit Paint Co. since 1925. The dominant theme that has been the subject of the Westerman family’s business for three generations has been to maintain the quality of its coatings and the technical expertise of its service. The company looks forward to the challenges ahead, confident that the principles that have guided three generations of owners will continue to foster close relationships with its customers.


The company had moved four times in the near North Chicago neighborhood before it arrived in 1955 at its current location at 927 W. Blackhawk St. near downtown Chicago on the east branch of the  Chicago River. Close to the area’s expressways, Carbit ships its products quickly and efficiently from the Midwest’s largest transportation hub.

How Did Carbit Get Its Name?

Carbit’s name is derived from its first product, a Carbon Bitumastic coating to protect the structural steel and rolling stock of the Chicago Stockyards from the corrosion caused by rock ice and salt – the only method of refrigeration in the 1920’s.

In 1989, a water based strippable coating named Carbicote was introduced and was sold nationally through distributors. The next decade launched Carbithane, a two-component acrylic polyurethane that provided an in-house mixing capability for OEMs with broad color pallets.

Today, Carbit manufactures compliant and environment friendly green coatings that are designed to meet the specialized needs of its customers. High performance, one and two component waterbased coatings are in demand now, but our laboratory continues its research in other areas to discover new ways to serve our customers’ needs.