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Strippable Coatings

Carbit, established in 1925, made its first water base strippable, Carbicote, in 1989. Since then, hundreds of manufacturers have chosen Carbicote to protect their spray booths from the fire hazard of overspray accumulation.  Whether it is for spray booth walls, lights, or floors, Carbicote is the proven performer to get the job done.

Carbicote Walls


The workhorse of the Carbicote line. 44% volume solids provide outstanding coverage. Excellent peel when stripped, even when subjected to elevated temperature. Heat tested for over 700 cycles at 150°F (65°C) for 20 minutes. Freeze/Thaw stable and fastest dry of waterbase strippables.

Carbicote Lights


The strippable standard for lights and windows. See-through clarity and transparent appearance contrasts with competitive offerings that are frosty and translucent. Waterbased. Also recommended for powder coated steel and stainless steel booths.

Carbicote Spray Floors


A bright white solventbased strippable that forms a seamless floor covering in minutes and withstands booth traffic within one hour. Our tough film resists tearing, and strips readily from concrete booth floors. Applies quickly by spray or roller and removal creates less waste than paper. Suitable for walls.

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