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Chicago Paint Manufacturer

Simply put, for over 85 years, Carbit has been the premier Chicago Paint Manufacturer.

We’re family owned and locally operated, with three generations serving clients in Chicago.  In addition to our team’s vast experience, our approach is different.  We don’t try to sell you paints we have in stock.  Instead, we use our 4-D Process (Discover, Define, Design, Deliver) to understand what is just the right solution for you in your situation.  We customize what we recommend to meet your needs.

At Carbit, we can deliver a custom solution for you in batches as low as 25 gallons.  We don’t just add liquid colorants to existing bases, because that gives you a lower quality paint that does not cover as well and is more expensive.  That approach also means it takes more time for you to apply the paint and complete the work.  Instead, we grind dry pigments into the paint to give you a higher quality paint that is less expensive and takes less time to apply.  That is exactly what you would expect from the premier Chicago Paint Manufacturer.

We manufacture product finishes, industrial coatings and specialty products.  Our liquid coatings are solvent-based and waterborne.  We only use standard and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) to ensure we’re operating in the most environmentally-responsible manner.

If you’re looking for a Chicago Paint Manufacturer, you need look no further than Carbit.  Our team is standing by to help you.  Contact us today at (312) 280-2300 and discover how we can help you with anything you need from a Chicago Paint Manufacturer.