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Carbit General Purpose Coatings - Chicago, IL

Carbit inventories popular high-hiding primers and finishes to meet everyday needs.

For over 85 years, Carbit Paint Company has manufactured product finishes, industrial coatings, and specialty products. These liquid coatings are solvent-based and waterborne; standard and low VOC (volatile organic compounds); thermoset, force-dry, and air dry. Most finishes are available in standard colors or are custom blended to customer specifications.

Product Types


Specialty Products

Metallics Alkyd Temporary Strippables
Textures Water Reducible Alkyds Concrete Floor Paints
Enamels Epoxy Ester Locker Room Enamel
Clears Acrylics Photoluminescent
Primers Polyurethane Dispersions Weathered Wood Sealer
2-K Polyurethane Mirror Backing
2-K Epoxy Glass Coatings
Baking Finishes Aerosol Touch Up