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How To Dry Paint Fast

June 30, 2014

Our customer’s often ask, “How can I dry paint faster?”, but what they really want to know is:

  • How fast can I handle the part?
  • How fast can I package the product?
  • How fast can I ship the product?

Handling, packaging and shipping products with paint that is not fully dry and cured can lead to many problems.

  • Complaints caused by missed shipping dates due to waiting for paint to harden.
  • Rejects and returns due to parts sticking together or sticking to packaging materials.
  • Loss of goodwill due to poor coating appearance.

BGK Infrared Oven

It is generally recognized that time and temperature affects the rate of most chemical processes, including the drying and curing of paint.  For example, higher temperature for a given length of time generally results in faster drying and curing of a paint.

Predicting the amount of heat and the length of time required to dry paint faster involves several variables:

  1. The type and weight of the part being painted.
  2. The type of coating.
  3. How the heat is generated and transferred to the coating.
  4. The ability to measure the temperature of the painted part.
  5. The ability to maintain a constant temperature.

Carbit Paint Company in Chicago can help determine how to dry paint faster through the use of its BGK Infrared Smart Oven.  This oven has a microprocessor that links fast response, short wave infrared emitters to internal pyrometers (thermometers) that measure the temperature of the painted surface. The combination of fast emitter response and measurement of the part temperature provides a constant temperature for a specified period of them.  This control allows exact correlation between time and temperature and will answer the question, “How can I dry paint faster”.

By Bob Lyons – Business Development

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